Wednesday, May 26, 2010

As of May...

last week, here is how the bed looks. I already see a bloom on one of tomato plants. I planted 3 chard transplants, the ones in the pots are growing well as birds are feeding the chard in the bed. Added few marigolds, 1 sweet basil, 1 cucumber and 1 orange bell pepper. Along with all the good developments, weeds are also coming out, bed needs some weeding too.

Whats growing in containers?

Here is update on the containers, I started this season. So far they are growing well with early warm weather. Below are Chard, few carrots and Chard ..

Tophat Blueberry which survived last winter, but not sure if it can give any fruit...

Jasmine plant which survived 2 winters, hoping to see atleast 1 one this year..

Herbs (Oregano, Mint and Sweet Basil)

Ornamental Thai pepper

Eggplant is sharing a pot with 3 marigolds

Flower box with pink petunia and marigolds

Monday, May 10, 2010

Plants went in ground little early

With unusually warmer weather, I planned on putting some seedlings in the bed. I did transplanted some tomatoes, hot peppers and eggplants on May 2nd. Tomatoes and peppers in the blue pots are doing ok, except that the 2nd row in the bed, some pepper and eggplant transplants disappeared. I am not sure what happened to them, if any sparrows plucked them ?(we have been seeing some sparrows searching for food in the bed) or they are gone with the winds we had.

Today the night temperatures are going almost before freezing. I am keeping my fingers crossed for tomatoes, but the blue pots came indoors. I still kept each of the transplants aside to plant them after the official frost date

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Basking in the Sunshine...Seedling Update - May 1st

Emma F2 Sungold(Cherry Tomato)
The seedlings are enjoying some sunshine and in the process of hardening. Weather for the weekend is wonderful and this would be an opportunity for them to get some outdoor light and air. All the seedlings except for marigolds and petunias are growing under shop light. Not sure how many I could fit in the only bed I have but will try to find some home if they are healthy and happy.
Little Prince (Eggplant)

Sweet Basil

Early Jalapeno pepper

Vase with lilacs.....

Lilacs in bloom....