Monday, March 29, 2010

Pansy Flowerbox

Spring started out to be rainy, we are fortunate to get some very bright warm days in between along with gloomy rainy days. It started raining again today and may continue tomorrow, but I cann't wait for it stop to get the flower box out into some sun to enjoy some bright colors.

Seedling Update - March 28th

Tomato Seedling
From all the germinated seeds, Red Siberian tomato and cherry tomato seedlings got true leaves and I transplanted them to little bigger pots. Others are slowly growing.
Cherry Tomato Seedling

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Green shoots and first flowers - Mar 20th






Mesclun Seeds Germinated...

Here are the salad mix seeds germinated and growing. They are 6 days old from the day they went into soil for germination. Today, we had a warm day for March and they came out and stayed in sun for the whole day.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seedling Update - March 17th

Seedlings as of March 17th
Most of the vegetable seeds germinated (old and new) and are under a white florescent tube light in the basement. I feel some of them are leggy and I may need to cover the seedlings around to amplify the light. I will see what I could do. Flower seeds (marigold and petunia) have not yet germinated.

To add to the above, potted some spinach seeds in one pot and mesclun(spring mix) in 2 small pots on 14th March. No signs of germination for spinach yet, but mesclun pots are having very tiny emerging seedlings within 3 days. I will wait few more days before moving them under the light.Seedlings as of March 12th

RIP curry leaf plant

I got this plant in sept 2008 and survived winter and started to grow in 2009 summer. I could only get few strings of curry leaves and growth stopped as the weather was getting cold in 2009. I don't have any hopes for it to get going this year for just few strings of leaves, so cleaned up the pot.
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Starting seeds - 2010

I started planning the garden for 2010. I bought few seeds this year, some are generously given by Daphne's Dandelions and some seeds are from last year. Even though I don't have much growing area, but its always fun for me to see something growing. This year I have decided not to buy any transplants but plant whatever I grow from seed. I also want to keep a record of my investment. Today I have started some seeds indoors.
4 pellets each of the following Veggis/Herbs: Sweet Basil, Tomato(Red Siberian), Cherry tomato (Emma-Sungold F3), Eggplant(Little Prince), Cucumber(Bush Slicer), Early Jalapeno (Chili pepper), Cayenne pepper
4 pellets each of the following Flowers: Marigolds and Petunias.

Other than the above I will start couple of snap peas and containers of Mesclun (salad mix), baby carrots, Nasturtiums, Spinach(these are old seeds, not really counting on them) and Chard and may be some herbs.

The above may be too many plants for me to manage this year, but it also depends on the germination rate of the vegetables started. Last year I didn't have much luck with few seeds I started as I started very late in the season in Early May and didn't have much of growing season left for the transplants to grow and on top of that 2009 June was too rainy. I tried selecting some seeds which need less time to mature too. this timeSo, wish me luck with 2010 :)
Seeds from Daphne's Dandelions

Has spring started?

Garlic Shoot

Glorious weekend and weather is wonderful both yesterday and today and feels like long awaited spring has arrived. I took a walk to see how my garlic bulbs and over wintered herbs and Spotted Deadnettle are doing. Oregano started growing and not much growth seen in Mint and Spotted Deadnettle. Garlic shoots are ok, but not sure I will leave them to grow the bulbs underground, as I will be soon digging this area for transplants.


Spotted Deadnettle