Saturday, June 27, 2009

Veggie Garden Tour - June09

Here is the roundup of what is growing in the vegetable bed. Due to heavy rains for last few days, most of the plants don't seem to be growing, but I have learnt that most of the these sun loving plants will develop a good rooting system and will flourish as soon as the sun is out in this kind of weather, lets hope so...

Patio Tomato

Roma and Grape Tomato



Serrano Pepper

Coriander+Mint Chutney


Output: Chatpata Chutney


Dayliles are in full bloom...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Neon Chard

Today's harvest...


This is the first time I am growing parsley, its considered world's most popular herb. So far I have used only in sandwiches, but planning to make pesto or parsley potato when its ready for ample harvest.


Fenugreek in container

One of my favorite herb, I use these leaves in curries and in paratas. I have sown few of the fenugreek seeds I use for culinary purpose to get the plants. Check the small pot in which my daughter put some seeds.

Finally Sunny Today

Rainy day

Summers solstice (begins on June 21, 2009 at 1:45 A.M. EDT) has started, but sun was no where to be seen for last few days. I was singing "Rain Rain Go Away, Don't Come again Another Day!!" We already had enough. In December when Winter solstice had started, I was so happy to play in snow and now it was quite opposite. It was chilly for June and none of my sun loving plants were happy . On a positive note, cool climate spinach and salad greens were happy. But finally sun is out today bringing some cheer in all our faces.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Anytime soon...

Dayliles are budding and anytime soon I may see the blooms. I have these all around the house.

Hostas in a row

Here is picture of beautiful hostas in a row from backyard. They are in full shade.

Roses and Pests

So far this year it hasn't been a good time for my roses. In the early spring Winter Moth attacked them along with the other deciduous plants. We got all the deciduous trees sprayed for reducing the damage, but due to rainy days, timing didn't work well and caterpillars have started their work. After over coming this problem, I have seen some black spot on the rose bushes. Suspecting if this is a fungus I sprayed them with baking soda water. Now finally they have started growing and I see these tiny critters. After some research on internet I figured that they are Aphids which feed on plant sap. Today I sprayed neem-bon which is a organic spray for Aphids and other pests.

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Spinach Omelett

I harvested the spinach today to prepare a yummy spinach omelett.

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I got Foxgloves last year from a swap. Being a biennal, last year leaves formed a rosette close to the ground, this year it bloomed. I recently learned that they are poisonous, so I may remove them before it may reseed itself and propagate. But the flowers are indeed very beautiful.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tophat Blueberry

Newest addition to my container garden, "Tophat Blueberry". This is a variety for containers and supposed to yield yummy blueberries too. Blueberries are very particular about soil and warm temparatures. I potted it in peatmoss and making sure not to over water the plant.

Plant Swap 09

Attended a local plant swap and got these babies. Its always nice to meet people with common interests. This year I didn't have much to offer except for some lilac suckers which will grow into shrubs slowly.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Herbs & Greens

Left: Neon Chard Right: Baby Spinach

One of my plans for summer is to have herbs and a few Greens in containers. Can't beat the aroma of fresh herbs in my delicious meals. The home grown salad greens and baby spinach give a great taste to any salad, as they are organically grown and freshly harvested. My daughter learned harvesting the herbs one leaf at a time and gets excited to do so :). Some herbs are growing and some are yet to grow, they are in seedling state.

Fenugreek sprouting out